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Epic craft beer from Ekerö, Sweden, brewed with the finest New Zealand hops.

Nordic Heart - Southern Soul


Hamburgers n Hootch ūüí™ Happy Friday beer and burger lovers!!! ‚úĆÔłŹ& ūüíď

Don’t call me Brett!

Sourish IPA

Our Don’t Call Me Brett! is a light bodied IPA brewed with a good dose of sour malt to bring out the tartness. Shed loads of Kohatu give it a tropical twist. Pucker up!

CHARACTER: Pineapple, Kumquat

NZ HOPS: Kohatu, Nelson Sauvin

Available only on keg.

Endless Summer

Juicy IPA

Our Endless Summer is a juicy, hazy IPA bounding in tropical fruit and with low bitterness. It’s such an easy drinking ale we reckon that it will keep that summer feeling going on and on and on…

CHARACTER: Apricots, Peaches

NZ HOPS: Kohatu, Motueka, Pacific Jade, Wai-iti

Available only on keg.

Tutti Frutti


Our Tutti Frutti is a five hop double india pale ale brewed to¬†showcase the tropical fruitiness of New Zealand hops.¬†Here they combine to give a complex overlay offlavours ‚Äď a veritable fruit salad with a bang!

CHARACTER: Pineapple, Citrus, Passion Fruit, Melon

NZ HOPS: Kohatu, Motueka, Taiheke, Wai-iti, Wakatu

Available only on keg and in can.

Till the cows come home

Saison de Nouvelle-Zélande

Our Saison is a tribute to the wild fermented ales of old. Brewed with the smooth Pacific Gem hop and bounding in spices, we reckon it’s good enough to drink till the cows come home.

CHARACTER: Pepper, Spice and all things nice

NZ HOPS: Pacific Gem

Available only on keg – for now.

Southern Sessions 3.5%

Folköl for Folket!

Brewer’s notes:¬†Our Southern Sessions is a classic, light-bodied¬†easy-drinking pale ale for the people (‚Äúfolk√∂l‚ÄĚ in Sweden).¬†We reckon it washes over you like a cool breeze on a¬†warm summer‚Äôs day. After all, it‚Äôs always¬†summer somewhere.

ALC: 3.5 % VOL

CHARACTER: Citrus, Tropical Fruits

NZ HOPS: Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Waimea

Southern Sessions

Summer Session Ale

Brewer’s notes: Our Southern Sessions is a classic, light-bodied pale ale made for kicking back and taking it easy. Loaded with citrus notes, we reckon it washes over you like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day. After all, it’s always summer somewhere.

ALC: 4.6 % VOL

CHARACTER: Citrus, Tropical Fruits

NZ HOPS: Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Waimea


Trippie Hippie

Flower Power Session IPA

Brewer’s notes: Our Trippie Hippie Session IPA is a modern hazy ale brewed with Elderflower. The kiwi hops complement the floral notes with subtle tropical fruits and a touch of pine. Feel the vibe and get tripp’n with some flower power baby!

ALC: 4,7 % VOL

CHARACTER: Elderflower, Floral Pine

NZ HOPS: Nelson Sauvin, Waimea

Just Chill’n

Oatmeal stout with chili

Brewer’s notes: Our Just Chill’n is a smooth oatmeal stout with strong chocolate and coffee notes. We spice it up with BBQ’d red chili and dried ancho and chipotle to give a sweet-smoked character and a little heat.

ALC: 6.0 % VOL

CHARACTER: Coffee, Chocolate, Chili

NZ HOPS: Motueka

Oak Island

Viking Craft Lager

Brewers notes:¬†Our Oak Island is an unfiltered craft¬†lager with subtle citrus and tropical notes¬†overlaying a balanced bitterness and light body.¬†A solid and dependable brew just like our¬†own Viking island of oaks ‚Äď Eker√∂.

ALC: 5,0 % VOL


NZ HOPS: Pacific Gem, Wai-iti


Hokitika Hootch

India Pale Ale

Brewers Notes: Our Hokitika Hootch is an IPA inspired by the rugged and wild West Coast of New Zealand. Loads of Nelson Sauvin and a touch of sour malt give the Hootch its bountiful tropical tones and a mild tartness.

ALC: 6.5 % VOL

CHARACTER: Grapefruit, Gooseberry

NZ HOPS: Nelson Sauvin


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Brewing the all new chili stout today! Going by the new name of ‚ÄúJust Chili‚Äôn‚ÄĚ - it‚Äôs‚Ķ

Kerryn & Craig


Like all craft brewers we are passionate, dedicated and love what we do. 
So where do we differ? Well, we’re a couple of Kiwi fellas out to showcase the finest New Zealand hops. Punchy aromas and intense flavours infuse to give you a unique taste of the New World right here in the Old one. And, while our hearts are in the North, our souls will always remain in the South. We call this:
‚ąô Nordic Heart – Southern Soul ‚ąô
We trust you can taste this duality in every drop of our fine craft.


Out with the old, in with the new! NKB is completely switching over to cans. Because when you…

Where to get our beer


Our fine ales are available at selected locations in Stockholm and around Sweden.

Orders can be mailed here:

Available at  and

Also available for ordering in Sweden at your nearest Systembolaget store and currently available on the shelf at Brommaplan, Ekerö and Mörby Centrum stores Рget down there and support your local craft brewer!



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